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Services – Advanced Scientific Naturopathy. Infrared Sauna Therapy.

At The Tonic Tree, we provide an alternative to traditional methods of healing that have not worked for you. We understand the direct link between physical and mental health, utilising an holistic approach to treat the ailments that hold you back from living a free, and healthy life.


Our range of proven therapies come from evidence-based healthcare treatments and are tailored to you as an individual, ensuring your concerns and ailments are heard and understood, before being gently, and safely treated.


With over three decades of combined experience, your optimal health exists at The Tonic Tree.

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Advanced Scientific Naturopathy


Combining traditional, natural medicines with the advances and innovation of scientific technology, Advanced Scientific Naturopathy uses clinical evaluation to design personalised natural health treatment.  READ MORE



Far Infrared Sauna


Far infrared therapy involves the use of safe, and advanced infrared light which penetrates tissue, a unique point of difference to traditional saunas. Our state of the art Infrared sauna sessions promote detoxification, anti-ageing, pain relief as well as weight loss, with a 60 minute session able to burn up to 1000 calories each hour. When Far infrared therapy is complemented with our Naturopathic and Massage services, you have an integrated health plan to drain stress and pain and improve your overall health. READ MORE