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Children’s Health

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Little bodies deserve the greatest care. The Tonic Tree uses safe, gentle and effective children’s health remedies to help kids find their inner strength.


The benefit of Naturopathy is to provide a safe, empathetic space in which children can be treated with a holistic approach for a number of conditions which might be otherwise intimidating to treat via the mainstream medical system. Bringing a child to a Naturopath can be a great way to set up healthy habits which will follow them throughout life. Book a consultation with The Tonic Tree for you and your child to receive holistic natural health advice.

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The importance of children’s health

At The Tonic Tree we provide a fun and non-invasive environment that treats and prevents illness from occuring. It would be advisable to visit a Naturopath to gain an assessment of your child’s health to work out if there is a therapy that could treat their condition.

If your child suffers from a Chronic Respiratory Condition, Behavioral Issues or Digestive Issues it may be beneficial for the child to visit The Tonic Tree for Mild Hyperbaric Chamber Therapy. This is a more gentle, relaxing approach which could offer tons of benefits without the use of prescription drugs or medication. This is one example of how seeing a Naturopath could benefit your child.

Looking after your little ones

Book a consultation with The Tonic Tree for an all-round holistic assessment of your child’s health with one of our Naturopaths. Treat and aid current symptoms and conditions as well as check and test for correct balance throughout all aspects of their connected systems. Getting your child in the habit of viewing their body in a holistic way will set them up for health throughout their life.